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Zi Villa

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  • Zi_Villa 1/47 Arrival
  • Zi_Villa 2/47 Arrival
  • Zi_Villa 3/47 Entrance
  • Zi_Villa 4/47 Entrance
  • Zi_Villa 5/47 Living room
  • Zi_Villa 6/47 Living room
  • Zi_Villa 7/47 Living room
  • Zi_Villa 8/47 Living room
  • Zi_Villa 9/47 Living room
  • Zi_Villa 10/47 Patio and swimming-pool
  • Zi_Villa 11/47 Patio and swimming-pool
  • Zi_Villa 12/47 Seaview from the patio
  • Zi_Villa 13/47 Stairs leading onto the beach
  • Zi_Villa 14/47 The beach at low tide
  • Zi_Villa 15/47 The beach at low tide
  • Zi_Villa 16/47 The beach at low tide
  • Zi_Villa 17/47 The beach at low tide
  • Zi_Villa 18/47 The beach at low tide
  • Zi_Villa 19/47 Kayaks
  • Zi_Villa 20/47 The beach shower
  • Zi_Villa 21/47 Back to the house
  • Zi_Villa 22/47 Back to the house
  • Zi_Villa 23/47 Outdoor meals corner
  • Zi_Villa 24/47 Double bedroom on the ground floor
  • Zi_Villa 25/47 Double bedroom on the ground floor
  • Zi_Villa 26/47 Double bedroom on the ground floor
  • Zi_Villa 27/47 Double bedroom on the ground floor
  • Zi_Villa 28/47 Toward another ground floor bedroom
  • Zi_Villa 29/47 a second ground floor bedroom
  • Zi_Villa 30/47 ground floor bedroom
  • Zi_Villa 31/47 ground floor bedroom
  • Zi_Villa 32/47 ground floor bedroom
  • Zi_Villa 33/47 ground floor bedroom
  • Zi_Villa 34/47 ground floor bedroom
  • Zi_Villa 35/47 Bar
  • Zi_Villa 36/47 Bar
  • Zi_Villa 37/47 The third bedroom on the ground floor
  • Zi_Villa 38/47 The third bedroom on the ground floor
  • Zi_Villa 39/47 The third bedroom on the ground floor
  • Zi_Villa 40/47 Kitchen
  • Zi_Villa 41/47 Kitchen
  • Zi_Villa 42/47 Stairs to the upper floor
  • Zi_Villa 43/47 The master bedroom on the first floor
  • Zi_Villa 44/47 The master bedroom
  • Zi_Villa 45/47 The master bedroom
  • Zi_Villa 46/47 The master bedroom
  • Zi_Villa 47/47 The master bedroom balcony

Zi-Villa is a private house situated at Matemwe, along the north-east coast of Zanzibar.

The house that can be rented by families or a group of friends offers wide spaces, airy bedrooms and comfortable common areas although with a very rustic touch. It is located up on the top of a cliff overlooking the sea and Mnemba island in a relatively isolated setting between Kasha Boutique Hotel and Matemwe Retreat. It offers the advantage of a great privacy while having in house two chefs and an housekeeper. Every morning the chef is proposing a daily menu but you are welcome to request alternatives.

The ideal number of occupants is 4 couples but it can hosts up to 12 people [14 considering the bunk bed set on the first floor between the stairs and the bedroom]. On the ground floor there are three large bedrooms each with en-suite, the living room, a common bathroom, the bar and a pool table, the kitchen. On the upper floor there is the largest of all room opening into the outdoor terrace overlooking the sea and featuring a Jacuzi along with separate shower and toilet.

The house is complemented by the swimming pool and the patio leading down to the beach. At high tide the beach is only a few meter wide while at low tide the shore widen up and it is possible to walk along the cliff up to Kasha Boutique hotel. Given the presence of coral outcrops and sea-urchins it is safer to wear sea-shoes when swimming.

Diving and snorkeling can be arranged through Scuba Fishing the diving centre of Matemwe Lodge.

INDICATIVE RATES 2015 per night per house based on 8 occupants.
usd 914 [usd 114 pp]
FROM 11 JUL TO 30 SEP usd 1057 [usd 132 pp]
FROM 11 DIC TO 10 JAN 2015 usd 1257 [usd 157 pp]
Guests above 8: usd 40 per night per person
Reduced rates for less than 8 occupant available on request
Rates include: Full board basis beverages excluded.

Rates do not include: transfers between airport and lodge.
Location: 8
Beach: 6
Staff: 8
Activities: 8
Architecture: 8
Food: 8
Cleanliness: 8
Value: 8