Rift Safari
Traveling along the Rift Valley: West Kilimanjaro

West Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is one of the most important peaks of Africa for climbers, however there are several people wishing to visit the outskirts of this mountain without embarking on a real climb, in order to admire its snow capped peak or to spend a day walking on the moors or to enjoy some interaction with the Masai. If that is your case we suggest you add two nights to be spend in quiet environment of the West Kilimanjaro at the beginning or at the end of your trip.

Daily trekking on Shira Plateau:
after breakfast you will leave the camp by car, reach the park entrance gate where you will pick up a ranger guide and continue driving through the rainforest until you will get to the Shira plateau. Hiking will start here. You can choose among several paths and hike up to 5 hours in the moore. On a clear day you can enjoy great views over the summit of Kilimanjaro as well as the Masai steppe below.

Walking safari escorted by a local masai guide.
This activity is about learning to recognize footprints, spot various species of birds, have a closer look at the flora and learn how herbs are traditionally used in medicine. Should you meet elephants
along the way, the guide will no doubt re-route you. The purpose of walking safaris is never to closely approach big game.

Masai interaction:
the Masai people in West Kilimanjaro are not accustomed to tourists as those ones of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, they are happy and willing to show you how they live without rush and as a result the intrinsic value of your visit will be enhanced
. .In our view this visit should not be intended as a way to access the knowledge of a tribe [obviously an impossible mission without spending years on the spot] but as an experience pointing to our lifestyles and revealing aspects of ourselves that we ignored.

There are two interesting tented camps in this area, both nice places to stay at:
Kambi ya Tembo and the more conventional Ndarakwai Ranch.