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Sunshine Marine Lodge

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  • sunshine_marine_lodge 1/60 Arrival
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 2/60 Reception
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 3/60 Reception
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 4/60 Reception
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 5/60 View of the reception from a Sunshine Suite
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 6/60 The Sunshine Suites
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 7/60 Toward a Sunshine Suite block
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 8/60 Sunshine Suite
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 9/60 Sunshine Suite
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 10/60 Sunshine Suite
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 11/60 Sunshine Suite
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 12/60 Sunshine Suite
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 13/60 Sunshine Suite
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 14/60 Sunshine Suite
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 15/60 Toward common areas ...
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 16/60 Toward common areas ...
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 17/60 A makuti lounge nearby the swimming-pool
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 18/60 Swimming-pools
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 19/60 Swimming-pool, bar and restaurant
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 20/60 Swimming-pool, bar and restaurant
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 21/60 Swimming-pool, bar and restaurant
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 22/60 Bar and restaurant
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 23/60 Bar and restaurant
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 24/60 Bar and restaurant
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 25/60 Mezzanine
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 26/60 View from the mezzanine
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 27/60 Distant view of Muyuni beach from the jetty
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 28/60 ...
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 29/60 ...
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 30/60 ...
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 31/60 The sea at low tide
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 32/60 ...
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 33/60 Mnemba Island on the background
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 34/60 Back entrance to the Blue Wave Suites
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 35/60 Blu Wave Suites
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 36/60 Blu Wave Suites
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 37/60 Blu Wave Suites
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 38/60 Blu Wave Suites
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 39/60 Seaview from the Blue wave suite terrace
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 40/60 Back entrance to the Blue Breeze Suites
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 41/60 Blue Breeze Suite
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 42/60 Blue Breeze Suite
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 43/60 Blue Breeze Suite
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 44/60 Blue Breeze Suite
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 45/60 Blue Breeze Suite
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 46/60 Blue Breeze Suite
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 47/60 View of a Panorama Suite, on the right, from a Blue Breeze Suite
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 48/60 Block hosting a Panorama Suite on the first floor and two Sunshine suites on the ground floor
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 49/60 Panorama Suite
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 50/60 Panorama Suite
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 51/60 Panorama Suite
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 52/60 Panorama Suite
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 53/60 Panorama Suite
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 54/60 View from the terrace
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 55/60 Diving centre
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 56/60 Diving centre
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 57/60 Muyuni Beach located about one km north of the lodge
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 58/60 Muyuni Beach
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 59/60 Muyuni Beach
  • sunshine_marine_lodge 60/60 Muyuni Beach

Sunshine Marine Lodge is located at Muyuni, north of Matemwe, along the north-easter coast of Zanzibar.

The property is relatively isolated. Its proximity to the coral reef surrounding Mnemba Island and to the non-tidal  beach of Muyuni makes it an ideal destination for divers.

Like Sunshine Hotel, its sister facility located in Matemwe the hotel offers accommodation in 23 rooms contained in eight two storey blocks scattered in a verdant and very well kept garden. Rooms differ in size and location while furnishings are similar. Set back in the garden are the Sunshine suites overlooking the garden [ground floor suites] or offering a distant seaview [first floor suites]. Blue Wave suites are situated on the seafront close to the cliff and both ground floor and first floor rooms enjoy a view over the lagoon. Set apart, secluded, always facing the sea are the Blue Breezes suites which rooms are a little larger than the Blue Wave ones. Between the Sunshine Suite and the Blue Wave suites are two Panorama Suites. These are the largest rooms available [about 100 square meters], they both occupy the entire first floor of two blocks that house on the ground floor respectively two Sunshine Suite or a large Family suite. Among them only the Panorama rooms overlook the sea.
Rooms have ceiling and floor fans but none has air conditioning.

The hotel is complimented by the bar, the restaurant, a gift shop, the SPA and three swimming-pools including the one of the diving centre Dive Point Zanzibar.

Sunshine Marine Lodge does not have its own beach. Next to the cliff the hotel has built a short jetty equipped with deck chairs and sun loungers. At high tide a wooden staircase leads straight into the sea, at low tide you can have a dip in the channel crossing the lagoon just a few steps from the jetty where there is water up to the waist or you can walk along the shoreline and eventually reach the gorgeous Muyuni beach about one kilometer further north. Muyuni beach can also be reached by bike in about 20 minutes. Given the presence of fossil coral outcrops and sea-urchins you will have to wear sea-shoes [these are provided by the lodge itself].

Sunshine Marine Lodge is a well-managed, mid-specification facility. It is undoubtedly an excellent solution for divers and for that people who love to spend their day in an active way while rooms arrangement on two-storey buildings makes it less attractive for those looking for a secluded property in order to enjoy great privacy and relaxation. To them we would rather suggest properties like Pongwe Beach Hotel and Unguja Lodge for an average and upper-mid level of servicing; Matemwe Lodge, Matemwe Retreat, White Sand Luxury Villas and SPA and Kilindi among the high-end facilities.

RATES 2015 per night per person sharing
Sunshine Suite
Blue Wave Suite
Panorama Suite
Blue Breeze Suite

DAL 15/03 AL 30/06
DAL 01/11 AL 19/12

usd 85
usd 105
usd 130
usd 130
DAL 11/01 AL 14/03
DAL 01/07 AL 31/10
usd 115
usd 130
usd 160
usd 160
DAL 20/12 AL 10/01/2016
[min. 3 nights]
usd 125
usd 140
usd 175
usd 175

Rates include: Bed and Breakfast.

Rates exclude: transfers between lodge and airport.

Children 0 - 10 on request
Children 10 - 12 sharing with two adults: 25% of the adult rate
Third bed adults: 35% of the adult rate
Third bed is not possible in Blue Breeze Suite

Minimum stay from 20/12 to 10/01: 3 nights

Half board supplement: USD 30 for adults beverages exclusive]

Location: 9 [divers rating]
Beach: Not available in front of the lodge
Staff: 8
Activities: 8
Architecture: 7,5
Food: 8
Cleanliness: 8
Value: 8