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Travelling along the Rift valley: hotels in Zanzibar [Stone Town]
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ZANZIBAR TOWN Guide to Zanzibar Island
Stone Town hotels
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Average price
EMERSON SPICE upper-mid 8 $ 108
EMERSON ON HURUMZI upper-mid 8 $ 92
MASHARIKI PALACE HOTEL upper-mid 8.5 $ 000
KISIWA HOUSE mid 8 $ 100
ZANZIBAR SERENA INN upper-mid 8.5 $ 279

The above is a selection of the best hotels in Stone Town, as shown by the map there are several others but for a reason or another they are all less interesting.

Stone Town is the capital of the island, rich in history and with a turbulent past. It absolutely deserves a one or two days visit.

It is a maze of narrow streets and alleys, small squares, houses and palaces bordered by baraza where locals sit and chat. The best thing is to get carried away by your leg legs seizing the daily life of the this African, lively, colorful but also decadent city.

The Hindu temple to Shiva, the Old Dispensary, the forgotten Tippu Tip house, the Omanite fort and the House of Wonders are among the most interesting historical monuments to be visited along with the fish, meat, fruit and vegetable market; for souvenirs walk along Gizenga alley.

Just outside the town one can visit the slaves caves and the ruins the Sultan baths while it only takes 20 minutes to reach by boat Prison Island, a small sanctuary for giant tortoises.

Zanzibar Serena Inn Tembo House Hotel Dhow Palace Hotel Mashariki Palace Hotel Kisiwa House Emerson on Hurumzi Seyyda Hotel Emerson Spice Zanzibar Palace Hotel Zanzibar Coffee House Swahili House