Rift Safari
Travelling along the Rift valley: hotels, lodges and resort along the east coast of Zanzibar
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KENDWA Guide to Zanzibar island
Kilindi Sunset Bungalows Gold Zanzibar Kendwa Rocks Gemma dell'Est Hideaway Nungwi Star of the East
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Rift Safari
Average price
GEMMA DELL'EST upper-mid 7 $ 272
GOLD ZANZIBAR upper-mid 8 $ 257
HIDEAWAY NUNGWI upper-mid 6 $ 000
KENDWA ROCKS budget 7 $ 52
KILINDI high 8 $ 567
STAR OF THE EAST high 8 $ 763
SUNSET BUNGALOWS budget 7 $ 42

Paje on the southeast coast and Kendwa on the northeastern side of the island have always been, in our opinion, the two most beautiful beaches of Zanzibar.

Unlike Paje, Kendwa has developed much more rapidly and most of its small guest-houses have ended up giving way to large, mostly Italian, resorts however even if more crowded than once this non tidal, fine white sand stretch of beach continues to be particularly nice attracting now more wealthy visitors now than in the past.

The few remaining guest houses are still as simple and informal as once hence suitable to a younger clientele ready to accept a certain unreliability of service.