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Travelling along the Rift Valley: hotels, lodges and tented camps in Pemba Island
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PEMBA ISLAND Guide to Pemba Island

Fundu Lagoon Manta Resort Pemba Lodge

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Average rate
FUNDU LAGOON 8.5 $ 599
PEMBA LODGE 6.5 $ 165



Due to the scarcity of good standard accommodation, the remote island of Pemba continues to attract a very limited number of visitors.

The north-west coast features countless dive sites suitable both for beginners and experienced divers, protected beaches where to swim and sun-bath on a day trip and a beautiful tropical forest.

On the south-west side, Misali Island marine reserve is a paradise for snorkellers but also offer some interesting spot for divers while the mangrove forest that borders the shore offers great kayaking.

Islanders are peaceful people but also strong guardians of their traditions which you will have to respect on excursion.