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Travelling along the Rift Valley: Serengeti Sopa Lodge

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Sopa Lodge Serengeti is perhaps the less attractive facility of Serengeti. It is a large, dispersive, little contextualized facility. Its only strong point is the location on a hillside with panoramic views over the
west-central savannahs.

The lodge provides an average level of service with about 70 rooms on two floors each with two queen size beds, a balcony overlooking the plains and bathroom with shower. There are no quad rooms but, if available, it is possible to book interconnecting rooms. The hotel also offers a couple of suites featuring a living room on the ground floor and a master bedroom on the first floor.

The hotel is complemented by the restaurant, the bar, the swimming pool.

Electricity is supplied by the generator theoretically 24/24 hr but in practice the generator can be switched off in the afternoon.

The lodge is located in central-west Serengeti. This is an interesting location during green season [from November/December up to the end of April/beginning of May] when the availability of water far away from rivers induces gazelles to migrate out from Seronera spreading into the surrounding plains, obviously followed by their predators. Between March and April the wildebeest migration should also be passing through, formed into impressive columns, moving northwards. During these months however we prefere to split your stay between southern and central Serengeti and game drive from here in the sorroundings. In dry season the area obviously hosts a population of resident animals among which also rhinos [although not frequently sighted] but its concentration is definitely low if compared to the one of Seronera valley in the very central Serengeti about 1 hour driving from Sopa. Ultimately we do not normaly propose Serengeti Sopa lodge. In this sector of Serengeti we like instead to opt for the smaller tented camps which secluded location and low number of guests allow an authentic experience in the savannah well balacing any location disadvantages. To those travellers looking for an average hotel in central Serengeti we normally offer Seronera Wildlife Lodge which excellent location can somehow outweigh the less reliable level of service.

INDICATIVE RATES 2013 per night per person

from 01/01 to 28/02 and
from 01/07 to 31/10 and
from 21/12 to 31/12

$ 267 per night per person in double $ 227 per night per person in triple

from 01/03 to 31/03 and
from 01/11 to 20/12

$ 219 per night per person in double $ 186 per night per person in triple

from 01/04 to 31/05

$ 108 per night per person in double $ 108 per night per person in triple
Children 0 - 2 years sharing with 1 or 2 adults free of charge  
Children 3 - 12 sharing with 1 or 2 adults 50% of adults rate  
Children 3 - 12 in own room 75% of adults rate  

Festive season supplements from 24 25 26 31/12 and 01/01 inclusive: $ 40 per night person
Easter [29 30 31 March and 1st April]: $ 35 per night per person

Rates include: Breakfast, lunch at lodge or lunch box, dinner

Above rates do not include other costs associated to the trip such as for instance park entry fees, ground or air transfers, game drives and any discounts that may apply in relation to the number of properties booked, the duration of the safari or the travel period which will be automatically applied to quotations submitted. Laundry service.