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Sopa Lodge Ngorongoro

The Sopa Lodges are a chain
of large mid-range specification facilities located in the norther parks of Tanzania. We tend to use them quite rarely in our itineraries.
Sopa Lodge Tarangire is located in a good game area but the hotel itself is very large, dispersive and not really contextualized.
Serengeti Sopa Lodge is less than ideally located in the Serengeti far away from most interesting game areas for 10 on 12 months per year. March and April are the only two months worth a stay if the migration is where it is supposed to be. If not then too much time would simply be spoilt in order to reach the right places therefore we deem it is preferable to opt for a more strategic location. Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge is the only facility which we tend to use when both Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge and Ngorongoro Serena Lodge are fully booked. The lodge is located on the estern side of the crater rim in a less busy and potentially intesting game area even if the view over the crater is by no means comparable to the one of Ngorongoro Wildlife nor to that of Ngorongoro Serena.