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Travelling along the Rift Valley: Shamba Kilole Eco Lodge

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Shamba Kilole is located within the Marine Park in Mafia Island.

It is a small, pleasant eco-lodge, run by Italian divers, offering -  in our opinion - the most tasteful cuisine of Mafia Island. It is also the only PADI resort on the island qualified for theory and first practice courses to learn Scuba Diving.

Shamba Kilole is set on a promontory overlooking Juani, Jobondo and Chole islands. Unlike the neighboring Kinasi and Pole Pole Bungalows which removed part of the mangroves to create their own beach, Shamba Kilole decided to strictly apply the principles of ecological architecture. It does not offer a beach but you can walk down the hill and enjoy walking [at low tide] or swimming [at high tide] in the mangrove forest admiring its incredible life.  You will need to wear beach shoes.

The resort consists of 6 bungalows divided into 3 suites and 3 chalets, both types can have double or twin beds. Electricity is available on 24 hours supplied by the Local Power Supply, with a stand-by generator. Rooms are equipped WITH ceiling fans but there is no air conditioning. Hot water is provided by solar panels.

Common spaces include the swimming-pool, the restaurant and the lounge.

Activities include classes for beginners to lean scuba diving, diving, boat excursion to Miewe island and to Marimbani sandbank within Chole Bay, snorkeling daytrip to Mange sandbank, boat excursions to Juani island where between June and July you might be able to assist to turtles eggs hatching, to Jobondo and Chole islands to explore local fishermen villages and sites where traditional boats are built. More distant excursions to swim with whale sharks can also be arranged.

Shamba Kilole is the ideal place for all divers who are looking for an African style accommodation without having to spend the more significant figures required by Pole Pole Bungalows or by the quirky Chole Mjini. It is also suitable for non-divers who seek accommodation in an authentic and untouched environment.

If diving is the main reason to travel to Mafia, remember that from June to August the southern monsoon wind will not allow you to sail outside the bay. Should you wish to dive during these month we would rather suggest to stay in Pemba island which west-coast is more shielded and offers some excellent diving sites or alternatively in Zanzibar [for further info refer to diving Pemba and diving Zanzibar].

Shamba Kilole accept travelers VISA and MASTECARD [subject to bank commission]. There is no public internet service.

INDICATIVE RATES 2014 per night per person
Suite $ 191.5
Chalet $ 148.5
Peak season supplement in Suite from 20/12 to 06/01] $ 35
Peak season supplement in Suite from 20/12 to 06/01] $ 25
Special offer for March, September, October, November stay 7 nights pay 6
Diving packages rates available on request

Rates include: Full board, drinking water, tea and coffee, laundry, Bed night levy usd 1.5 per night per person.

Rates exclude: road transfers between lodge and airport [approx. 40 min], Marine Park Fees [usd 20 per adult per day / usd 10 per child 5 - 15 per day] to be paid cash at the park entrance gate].


STAY 7 PAY 6: valid for March, June, July, September, October, November

Location: 8
Beach: N/A
Staff: 9
Activities: 9
Architecture: 8
Food: 9
Cleanliness: 9
Value: 8