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Travelling along the Rift Valley: Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge

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  • Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge 3/19 Rondavel
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  • Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge 5/19 Double bedroom
  • Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge 6/19 Triple bedroom
  • Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge 7/19 Petineuse
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  • Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge 9/19 Bathroom with shower
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  • Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge 15/19 Restaurant
  • Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge 16/19 Restaurant
  • Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge 17/19 Lounge
  • Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge 18/19 Lounge
  • Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge 19/19 SPA

The architecture of Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge is inspired by the masai villages. Overall the result is pleasant but also rather naive.

The lodge provides an upper-mid level of service. Each rondavel hosts four bedrooms [two on the ground floor and two on the first floor] for a total of 66 rooms including doubles [with twins beds or double bed] and triple. Each room has an outdoor verandah overlooking the savannah and en-suite bathroom with shower. There are no quadruples but, if available, it is possible to book interconnecting rooms. Finally there is a suite consisting of one double bedroom and a small living room, in the eventuality of a family with two children the living room can be converted into a bedroom with two additional beds.

Electricity is supplied by the generator 23/24 hr. The generator is switched off from 17:00 to 18:00.

The facility is complemented by a restaurant with lounge, the swimming pool and a little SPA.

The lodge is located in Central Serengeti about 45 minutes from Seronera. This is an excellent location between April and May when migratory herds should be grazing just around here but it is rather disadvantageous during all other months: in dry season [June/July to October/November] if you decide to stay here you must consider to spend about two hours a day to reach the prime game viewing area along Seronera river; you should also take into account that, because of the distance, early morning game drive along the Seronera River Circuit are not possible while early morning game driving nearby the lodge is not really worth. The number of hours one has to spend in transfers increases from December to March when the migration should be grazing in the southern plains straddling the Serengeti/Ngorongoro Conservation Area border.

Hence, except April and May we rarely include Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge in our itineraries and we prefer to opt for high specification tented camps in central Serengeti such as Lemala Ewanjan or alternatively for Seronera Wildlife Lodge which is located in a prime game viewing area although the level of service provided by this lodge is average instead than upper-middle.

Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge, Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge, Mbuzi Mawe tented Camp and Serena Kirawira also belong to the same chain.

Especially in high season, we point out the tendency of Serena lodges to overbooking and rerouting to other properties, not necessarily located nearby the facility originally reserved. Unfortunately this is a legal practice and the Serena administration is authorized to do so even without our consent.

INDICATIVE RATES 2013 per night per person

from 01/01 to 28/02 and
from 01/07 to 31/10 and
from 21/12 to 31/12

$ 313 per night per person in double $ 286 per night per person in triple

from 01/03 to 31/03 and
from 01/11 to 20/12

$ 193 per night per person in double $ 177 per night per person in triple

from 01/04 to 31/05

$ 143 per night per person in double $ 130 per night per person in triple
Children 0 - 2 years sharing with 1 or 2 adults free of charge  
Children 3 - 12 sharing with 1 or 2 adults 50% of adults rate  
Youngsters 13 - 17 sharing with 1 or 2 adults 75% of adults rate  
Children and youngsters 3 - 17 in own room 75% of adults rate  

Festive season supplements from 24 25 26 31/12 and 01/01 inclusive: $ 40 per night person
Easter [29 30 31 March and 1st April]: $ 35 per night per person

Rates include: Breakfast, lunch at lodge or lunch box, dinner

Above rates do not include other costs associated to the trip such as for instance park entry fees, ground or air transfers, game drives and any discounts that may apply in relation to the number of properties booked, the duration of the safari or the travel period which will be automatically applied to quotations submitted. Laundry service.