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Travelling along the Rift Valley: Tanzania southern parks safari itineraries
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3 NIGHTS RUAHA River Lodge | 3 NIGHTS SELOUS Rufiji more info $ 2910 p.p. $ 2910 p.p. send request
3 NIGHTS RUAHA Mdonya Camp | 3 NIGHTS SELOUS Manze more info $ 3050 p.p. $ 3050 p.p. send request

3 NIGHTS RUAHA Kwihala | 3 NIGHTS SELOUS Impala more info $ 3290 p.p. $ 3290 p.p. send request
3 NIGHTS RUAHA Mwagusi | 3 NIGHTS SELOUS Impala more info $ 3920 p.p. $ 3920 p.p. send request

2 NIGHTS RAS Kutani | 3 NIGHTS RUAHA Jongomero | 3 NIGHTS SELOUS Safari camp more info
$ 5180 p.p. $ 5180 p.p. send request
Cheetas, Ruaha

Accommodation can be varied according to your specific requests: link to southern parks facilities where lodges and tented camps have been subdivided per park and relevant areas.

At a glance:

Selous is subdivided into two areas: Selous north and Selous south.
Game viewing safari are carried out in Selous north [approx. 20% of the reserve] while Selous south [the remaining 80%] is reserved to hunting safari.
Rufiji River Camp and Lake Manze Tented Camp [mid-range]; Selous Impala Camp [mid-high range] and Selous Safari Camp [very high-end] are all located along the Rufiji River banks or on the shores of Lake Manze and Lake Nzerekera. This is a prime gameviewing area both during dry and green season.
Sand River Selous [high-end but informal] is set a little bit more westwards. The location is absolutely beautiful but less rich of wildlife.

Ruaha represents today the largest park of Tanzania although it can be only partially explored due to lack of viable roads and bridges.
Mwagusi, Kigelia camp and Kwihala [mid-high range] are all set on the north-eastern sector of the park, a prime gameviewing area. The downside is that it can become quite busy in peak season.
The location of Mdonya Old river Camp [rustic, pleasant mid-range camp] allows to visit both the north-eastern and the central sector of the park.
Ruaha River Lodge [mid-range] is located along the Great Ruaha River in the central sector of the park just a few kilometers far from the main entrance gate. This is the only lodge within the park boundaries to accept children below 6 years.
Jongomero [high-end] is located on the south-western side of the park on the banks of the seasonal Jongomero river. That's the only camp in this area and do not suffer at all of vehicles concentration but wildlife here tends to be slightly lower when compared to the north-east sector.
If you are interested in the rare sable or roan antelope the Mkawa springs, where these animals are most likely to be found during dry season [June to November] can be easily reached from here.

If just safari is not enough we can arrange for you some days on the beach along the Tanzania coast or on the tropical islands: please link to seaside and marine reserves accommodation and choose your favourite facility alternatively link to the quick ref page list where all beach facilities are listed per average price per night. Since these are Fly-in safari
[you will fly from one park to another] game drives and boat safari will be carried out with vehicles of camps hence shared with other guests. When possible the camp staff try to assign a vehicle at exclusive use but that cannot be priory granted.
Some camps will allow you to book an exclusive vehicle against payment of a supplement which can vary from about 100 to 250 usd per vehicle per day.
If interested please let us know and we can arrange that for you.
Selous can offer without fear of doubt the best boat safari in East Africa.
Sighting of crocodiles and hippos are regular, many species of birds can be spot along the rivers banks and lakes shores and it is not uncommon to find groups of elephants happily immersed in the water. Occasionally you may spot big cats along the banks.

The reserve is also well known for its strong walking safari tradition and almost all camps offer short walks at dawn. However at this time of the year the park authority could deny their permission due to high grass which can make them potentially dangerous. Starting from November Selous Safari Camp stop to arrange fly-camps [walking safari from one up to 2 nights in the bush] and Sand River Selous remains the only facility that continue to offer
them ... anyway always subject to park authority permission.

Finally, Selous also offer fishing activities.

Walking safari are carried out also in Ruaha but not offered by all camps.
It can be a stroll at dawn out from the camp or a half day long walking safari.
Fly-camp are arranged by Jongomero and by Ruaha River Lodge however they are normally suspended at this time of the year due to dense vegetation.
Ruaha and Selous or even just one of the two can be combined to a safari in the northern park.

In such a case your arrival is usually planned at Kilimanjaro airport. From here you will depart for your safari in the norther parks and then fly-out from Arusha or Serengeti to the southern reserves. Finally from Selous you are most likely to fly-out to Dar es Salaam unless you wish to reach a specific beach destination along the coast or on the tropical islands. If you are planning to add only Ruaha then you might consider to return back to Arusha and fly back home from kilimanjaro.

You can access a selection of safari itineraries in the northern parks and add to any of them the visit of Ruaha and Selous.
If you have a peculiar interest feel free to ask us a quotation. We will be more than happy to assist you with a creative itinerary.
Refer to the southern parks guide-book for information regarding migratory patterns, weather, temperatures and activities month by month for Selous and Ruaha.
Above prices are quoted in US dollars per person.
Children below 16 are granted a special discount.
Special offers may apply to months like March, April, May, June, November up to mid of December.
Children below 6 years are not encouraged and parents should consider to plan a safari in the northern parks where there are facilities more suitable to host their kids.