Rift Safari
Treveling along the Rift Valley: night game drive

mating leopardsGenet

The night game drive gives the
opportunity to sight also the most timid species uncommonly seen during the day like genets, porcupines and bush babies. Predators active at night are leopards and lions.

Currently, the only national park within which it is possible to go for a night game drive is Lake Manyara. In order to arrange it you must spend one night in the area.
In all other parks, they are prohibited and therefore possible only if you are staying in lodges or camps located in private concession areas outside the park's boundary or immediately adjacent to it.

The night game drive starts at 20.00 entering the park when all other vehicles have gone away and lasts about 3 hours. Animals spotted up to now are hippos outside of water, lions and leopards, wild dogs, hyenas,
porcupines and bush babies, genet and owls. While sightings of genets, owls, porcupines and bush babies are regular sightings of predators are rarer and require some good luck. The sounds of the forest as well are an integral part of a night game drive experience along with the starry skies.

Since the number of vehicles allowed in the park at night is limited you might have to share the vehicle with other guests.