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Travelling along the Rift Valley: Pemba Lodge

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Pemba Lodge is located on the small Shamiani island, adiajent to Pemba Island, Tanzania.

This small-size resort enjoys one of the most attractive white sandy beach of the island with virtually no coral outcrops and a calm and shallow sea enclosed by coral reef.

From the airport it is a 45 minutes ride to the south-eastern coast of Pemba and from there another 10-15 minutesby boat to the lodge. At high tide you will disembark right in front of the lodge while at low tide you will stop at the nearby bay and walk about 15 - 20 minutes before reaching the lodge. Either way you will have to get into the water up to your calf.

The resort, built according to sustainable principles with local materials, consists of four double bungalows which can eventually sleep up to three people and a family bungalow with two double rooms on the upper-floor, bathroom and kitchen on the ground floor [stairs lack of adequate protection hence it is not suitable for families with children]. Hot water and electricity are provided by solar panels. Rooms are spacious but unfortunately very poorly ventilated.

The resort is complemented by the makuti restaurant which comprises also bar and lounge. Breakfast and meals are all served here. Kitchen and fridge are backed by a generator.

Activities include dhow cruises at sunset, kayaking and snorkeling. Due to high waves snorkeling does not take place in the reef in front of the resort but on the other side of Shamiani island taking a 20 - 25 minutes walk to reach the shore and 10 - 15 minutes boat ride to reach the snorkeling sites. Snorkeling and diving in Misali island can be locally arranged but you need to know it will take about two hours to get on the spot. Two species of sea turtles, hawksbill and green turtles, nest on the beach of Pemba lodge.

Overall Pemba eco-lodge is a good destination for travellers who have no great demands in terms of comfort and are just looking for some relax by the seaside. The location and the surrounding environment are certainly very beautiful and have the potential to turn this place into one of the most attractive facility of the island howeverat the moment the lodge has some shortcomings especially regarding the bungalows design which result in very poor ventilation and finally compromise enjoyment.

INDICATIVE FARES 2015 per night per person in double
From 01/01 to 31/12 $ 165
Children 0 - 3 $ FOC
Children 4 - 10 50% discount
Third bed adults $ 165

Rates include: FB basis, tea, coffee and non-alcoholic beverages.

Rates exclude: transfers between airport and embarkation point to the lodge.
Location: 9
Beach: 8
Staff: 8
Activities: 6
Architecture: 5
Food: 6
Cleanliness: 6
Value: 5