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Traveling along the Rift Valley: Oltepesi Camp


Oltepesi Camp

Oltepesi Camp is a small semipemanent medium-range tented camp located in central Serengeti. Like any other mobile or semipermanent tented camp the exact location can vary every 6 months and it is determined by the Park Authority. The camp is usually located just outside of the busy areas and within easy access of the best gameviewing.

Oltepesi is a medium specification semipermanent tented camp, rustic but pleasant and comfortable, offering all essential services to the traveler. The camp is composed of eight large tents each with outdoor veranda and en-suite bathroom. Between the bedroom and the bathroom there's a is a wardrobe room. At tent's back, outside, a tank provides water for the flushing toilet and the sink. Supplies of hot water for showers generally occur in the morning and evening [by agreement with staff]. There are normally 2 twin beds that on request can be combined to become a double bed. Each tent can accommodate up to 3 people with extra bed. The camp has a generator that provides power to the kitchen, the restaurant and guests tends until 22.00 or so. Paths are illuminated with traditional oil lamps. Computers, video-devices and mobile phones can be recharged at the bar. Dinner is served in the mess tent and in the evening guests gather around the campfire.

Unlike most tented camps in Serengeti, Oltepesi also accept children under 6 years, although we believe that accommodation in lodges would be more suitable for them.
Remember that no tented camp in Serengeti is fenced. To move around you need to be accompanied by the camp staff. Children should always stay with you.

If you are looking for a higher specification tented camp you should look toward Lemala Camp Ewanjan [Seronera].

tent viewinside viewrunning water sink
$ 240 per person
Full board basis [excluded beverages].
Camping fees [usd 50 per night per person].
Bar & loungeMess tent