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Travelling along the Rift Valley: Olduvai Camp

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  • Olduvai Camp 1/25 The Malanja descent from Ngorongoro crater highlands to the Serengeti plains [April]
  • Olduvai Camp 2/25 Arrival at the camp
  • Olduvai Camp 3/25 Restaurant and reception
  • Olduvai Camp 4/25 Water bowl in front of the restaurant
  • Olduvai Camp 5/25 Restaurant
  • Olduvai Camp 6/25 Restaurant
  • Olduvai Camp 7/25 Restaurant at dinner time
  • Olduvai Camp 8/25 Stairs to the panoramic deck on the top of the kopje
  • Olduvai Camp 9/25 Overview from the panoramic deck
  • Olduvai Camp 10/25 Overview from the panoramic deck
  • Olduvai Camp 11/25 Fire place
  • Olduvai Camp 12/25 "Sales point" of the masai women
  • Olduvai Camp 13/25 Toward the lounge and the bar
  • Olduvai Camp 14/25 Bar and lounge
  • Olduvai Camp 15/25 Bar and lounge
  • Olduvai Camp 16/25 Bar and lounge
  • Olduvai Camp 17/25 Bar and lounge
  • Olduvai Camp 18/25 Detail
  • Olduvai Camp 19/25 Guests tents
  • Olduvai Camp 20/25 walkway to the tents
  • Olduvai Camp 21/25 Bedroom with two single beds formed into a double bed
  • Olduvai Camp 22/25 Petineuse in the bathroom
  • Olduvai Camp 23/25 Bathroom
  • Olduvai Camp 24/25 Toilet
  • Olduvai Camp 25/25 Shower

Olduvai Camp is located halfway between the Ngorongoro Crater [about 1.5 hours driving] and the Serengeti National Park [another 1.5 hours driving] and about 45 minutes from Ndutu and Masek lakes.

This area, straddling Serengeti and Ngorongoro, becomes very relevant from December to April when it can be used as a base to reach many of the areas where the wildebeest migratory herds could potentially be lingering or passing through.

In all other months the area become very dry and the majority of wildlife will leave it behind. Wildebeest and zebra will head north towards new green pastures and predators will move nearby the permanent rivers and water sources. At this time of the year we will eventually include olduvai camp just as a stop over along the way to Serengeti provided that travellers are not eager to spend the night on the crater rim.

The camp, owned by French, is run in close cooperation with the local Masai people hence it can be recommended to those travellers wishing to interact with members of this tribe but do not have enough time to explore other traditionally Masai territories outside the national parks circuit such as for instance Natron and Loliondo [for an absolutely peculiar experience in Loliondo view Nduara Loliondo Piaya from December to April and Ndura Loliondo Olosokwan from June to the end of October].

Olduvai is a permanent camp, simple and rustic, delivering an average level of service. It consists of 17 tents scattered around a large kopje. Each one features an outdoor verandah and two single beds which can be combined to form a double bed, en-suite bathroom with flush loo, running water in sink and shower. Hot water and electricity are obtained by solar panels. Mobiles phones and other devices can be charged at the lounge.

The camp is complemented by the thatch restaurant, the lounge with bar and by the fire camp.

Since Olduvai camp is located in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, it is possible to take a walk nearby the camp. These walking are very nice during green season when the landscape is green and flowers bloom while they become much less attractive during the dry season when the sun burns and the dust slips everywhere. If you walk away from the camp you will have to be accompanied by a Masai guide and by an armed ranger as well [the walking fee is usd 20 but it is not guaranteed you will find a ranger at the camp]. Then do not forget to leave a tip to your guides.

INDICATIVE RATES 2013 per night per person
from 01/04 to 31/05 $ 129 per night per person in double $ 120 per night per person in triple
from 16/03 to 31/03 and
from 08/11 to 14/12
$ 159 per night per person in double $ 148 per night per person in triple
from 01/01 to 31/01 and
from 01/06 to 31/10 and
from 01/11 to 07/11
$ 210 per night per person in double $ 196 per night per person in triple

from 01/02 to 28/02 and
from 15/12 to 31/12 and
from 01/03 to 15/03 and
from 01/07 to 31/08

$ 243 per night per person in double $ 224 per night per person in triple
Children below 5 years Free of charge
Children 5 - 12 sharing with 1 or 2 adults 50% of the adult double rate

Children below 12 should always share the room with an adult.

Rates include: 3 meals a day [breakfast, lunch at camp or lunch box, dinner].

Above rates do not include other costs associated to the trip such as for instance park entry fees, land or air transfers, game drives and any discounts that may apply in relation to the duration of the safari or to the travel period which will be automatically applied to quotations submitted.