Rift Safari
Traveling along the Rift Valley: Mount Meru Game Lodge and Sanctuary



Mount Meru Game Lodge & Sanctuary is located outside Arusha and was established in 1959 by Dr. Andreas Von Nagy aiming to provide refuge to orphaned and injured animals and to prepare them for their return to the wild. The lodge continues to offer accommodation to travellers to Tanzania and the Sanctuary is still run by his son living in the nearby area. Zebras, elands, ostriches, white colobus monkeys and a huge variety of birds approach very often the outdoor terrace and this is quite a good way to get introduced to Tanzania's wildlife before starting your way up to the great northern parks of Ngorongoro and Serengeti.

Mount Meru Game Lodge & Sanctuary is a mid-range specification lodge, with 15 bungalows [and 2 suite with their own private garden] scattered among trees and along the river on the forested lower slopes of Mount Meru. All rooms have a veranda equipped with chairs where guests may enjoy watching the animal and birdlife.

The main building of the lodge includes the restaurant, the bar, the lounge, a small curio-shop and a great outdoor terrace shaded by old Mango Trees overlooking the Sanctuary beyond.

If you are looking for a mid range place to stay, Mount meru Game Lodge is a pleasant one. The food is not the best we had here in Tanzania but we deem you can well compensate with the beautiful scenary surrounding you.

From 24/12 to 02/01
$ 160 per person
From 03/01 to 31/03 - from 14/06 to 23/12
$ 140 per person
April and May
$ 95 per person