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Travelling along the Rift Valley: Mnemba Island

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Mnemba Island is located off the north-eastern coast of Zanzibar.

The trip from Stone Town to Mnemba takes about 1.5 hours: 45 minutes by car up to Matemwe and another 20 minutes by boat to get to the island which measure about a mile.

The little island was voted by Conde Nast one of the three most romantic marine destinations in the world. It is a very exclusive retreat preserving at the same time a delightfully informal atmosphere. Exclusive should not be meant as luxurious but rather referred to the fact that the lodge cannot accommodate more than 20 people, that the staff knows exactly how to take care of you, and that the island is surrounded by one of the most beautiful coral reefs of Zanzibar where according to the time of travelling, you might encounter turtles, whale-sharks, dolphins and migrating whales.

The lodge consists of ten bungalows scattered around the island and well spaced-out. They have no air-conditioning however they also have no doors or windows hence are well-ventilated. Obviously, the makuti thatch roof along with the lack of closures let other little guests enjoy your spaces as well, ants for instance. To appreciate Mnemba island you must love to live outdoors in very close contact with nature.

Activities offered by the lodge include dhow sunset cruises, kayaking, windsurfing, flyfishing, snorkeling and a pretty good big blue diving with a generally good visibility [about 20 mt.] further improving around the island where the shallow reef is surrounded by vertical walls. From December to March turtles come to nest on the beach of the lodge.

Unfortunately below prices are per night per person, not per week ...

INDICATIVE RATES 2015 per night per person sharing
FROM 01/01 TO 31/03
FROM 01/06 TO 30/06
FROM 21/12 TO 31/12
usd 1600
FROM 01/10 TO 20/12
usd 1155
FROM 01/04 TO 07/04
FROM 21/05 TO 31/05
usd 790

Annual closure from 08/04 to 20/05

Children 0 - 5 sharing with parents: free of charge
Children 6 - 16 sharing with parents: 50% of the adult rate
Children 6 - 16 in own room: first child pays 100% of the adult rate, second and third children pay 50% of the adult rate

The lodge cannot accomodate more than two children at any given time.

Rates include: all-inclusive basis accommodation in open bungalow, kayaking, flyfishing, windsurfing, sundowners dhow cruise, 2 dives per day [full PADI diving certificate required], laundry, boat transfers between the island and Zanzibar.

Rates do not include: fine wines and premium brands spirits, road transfers between airport and embarkation point, diving instructor for guests without PADI certificate.

Long Stay: request quotation for staying longer than 3 nights.
Honeymooners: 50% discount for the bride [applicable only to 1 - 3 nights stay rates and non combinable with with other long stay offers]
Fly me to Mnemba:
A 3 nights package that may only be sold in combination with at least one &beyond lodge in Tanzania that includes
All-inclusive basis
Flight between Arusha [ or Manyara] and Zanzibar
Road and boat shared transfers between airport and lodge
from 01/04 to 31/05 and from 01/10 to 31/12:
from 01/01 to 31/03 and from 01/06 to 30/09:
USD 2505 per person
USD 4215 per person
extra nights :
from 01/04 to 31/05 and from 01/10 to 31/12:
from 01/01 al 31/03 and from 01/06 to 30/09:
USD 920 per person
USD 1405 per person
Location: 10
Beach: 10
Staff: 10
Activities: 10
Architecture: 8
Food: 9
Cleanliness: 9
Value: 8