Rift Safari
Traveling along the Rift Valley: The Serena Safari Lodges

  The Serena Lodges and tented camps
are present in the
main parks of the northern circuit [Duluti Arusha, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro and Serengeti] as well as in Stone Town, the capital city of Zanzibar and in the Selous Game Reserve.

Their architectural style seeks to deliver a contextualized solution with appreciable results in the case of Ngorongoro while Manyara and Serengeti Serena deliver in our opinion a naive and unoriginal impression. With the exception of the two smaller permanent tented camps [Mbuzi Mawe and Kirawira] all other
lodges have a high rooms density [approximately 75] and are therefore not suitable for travelers looking for a truly authentic safari experience that only small lodges and camps can provide.

These Lodges represent the mid-high accommodations range but overall [with the exception of Kirawira] do deliver just an average quality standard. Compared to the Wildlife Lodges they are slightly better since rooms are wider but not enough to justify their choice if you are looking for a truly superior level of service.

Certainly a disadvantage is the location of the Serengeti Serena
truly worth a stay only in April and May
Lake Manyara Serena
Arusha Mountain Village
Serengeti Serena lodge Ngorongoro Serena Lodge  
Serengeti Serena
Ngorongoro Serena
Lobo Wildlife Lodge Serena Kirawira  
Mbuzi Mawe

Serena Kirawira