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Travelling along the Rift Valley: Kisiwa House

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  • Kisiwa House 1/19 An open air coffee square on the way to the hotel
  • Kisiwa House 2/19 Entrance door
  • Kisiwa House 3/19 Reception
  • Kisiwa House 4/19 Courtyard
  • Kisiwa House 5/19 Deluxe bedroom
  • Kisiwa House 6/19 Deluxe bedroom
  • Kisiwa House 7/19 Deluxe bedroom
  • Kisiwa House 8/19 Deluxe bedroom
  • Kisiwa House 9/19 Deluxe bedroom
  • Kisiwa House 10/19 Deluxe bedroom
  • Kisiwa House 11/19 Deluxe bedroom
  • Kisiwa House 12/19 Second floor
  • Kisiwa House 13/19 PC available for public use
  • Kisiwa House 14/19 Suite
  • Kisiwa House 15/19 Third floor
  • Kisiwa House 16/19 Suite
  • Kisiwa House 17/19 Breakfast hall
  • Kisiwa House 18/19 Breakfast hall
  • Kisiwa House 19/19 Terrace

Kisiwa House is located in the historical part of Stone Town not far from Tippu Tip house.

Like all hotels resulting from the renovation of an existing old building it consists of rooms of different sizes, all different one another, divided into deluxe, junior suites and senior suites. One should perhaps avoid the two deluxe rooms on the ground floor overlooking the alley since when windows are open there is no privacy left. All rooms feature flat screen TV, Wi-Fi internet connection, air conditioning, safe, telephone, mini-bar, tea and coffee facilities, hair dryer.

The hotel comprises a discrete courtyard on the ground floor and the breakfast room and terrace on the top roof overlooking the town.

Kisiwa House offers an average level of servicing and in its price range it is certainly among the best option in town.

INDICATIVE RATES 2015 per night per person
FROM 01/01 TO 31/03
FROM 01/07 TO 31/12
usd 130
usd 115
usd 101
FROM 01/04 TO 30/06
usd 101
usd 86
usd 72

Rates include: B&B basis

Rates do not include: transfer between sferimenti tra l'aeroporto e l'hotel

Location: 8
Beach: N/A
Staff: 8
Activities: 8
Architecture: 8
Food: N/A
Cleanliness: 8
Value: 8