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Travelling along the Rift Valley: Kichanga

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  • Kichanga Lodge 1/40 Reception, Bar and restaurant
  • Kichanga Lodge 2/40 Bar and restaurant
  • Kichanga Lodge 3/40 Bar and restaurant
  • Kichanga Lodge 4/40 Toward the beach
  • Kichanga Lodge 5/40 Beach
  • Kichanga Lodge 6/40 Beach
  • Kichanga Lodge 7/40 View of the bar and restaurant from the beach
  • Kichanga Lodge 8/40 Beach
  • Kichanga Lodge 9/40 Beach Bar
  • Kichanga Lodge 10/40 Beach
  • Kichanga Lodge 11/40 Beach
  • Kichanga Lodge 12/40 Beach
  • Kichanga Lodge 13/40 Beach
  • Kichanga Lodge 14/40 Sea
  • Kichanga Lodge 15/40 Sea-urchins in the first stretch of sea
  • Kichanga Lodge 16/40 Swimming-pool
  • Kichanga Lodge 17/40 Swimming-pool
  • Kichanga Lodge 18/40 Swimming-pool
  • Kichanga Lodge 19/40 Sea-view bungalow
  • Kichanga Lodge 20/40 Sea-view bungalow
  • Kichanga Lodge 21/40 Sea-view bungalow: view from the verandah
  • Kichanga Lodge 22/40 Sea-view bungalow: bedroom
  • Kichanga Lodge 23/40 Sea-view bungalow: bedroom
  • Kichanga Lodge 24/40 Sea-view bungalow: bedroom
  • Kichanga Lodge 25/40 Sea-view bungalow: bathroom
  • Kichanga Lodge 26/40 Sea-view bungalow: bathroom
  • Kichanga Lodge 27/40 ...
  • Kichanga Lodge 28/40 Garden view bungalow
  • Kichanga Lodge 29/40 Garden view bungalow: outdoor verandah
  • Kichanga Lodge 30/40 Garden view bungalow: bedroom
  • Kichanga Lodge 31/40 Bungalow vista giardino: camera
  • Kichanga Lodge 32/40 Garden view bungalow: bathroom
  • Kichanga Lodge 33/40 Garden view bungalow: bathroom
  • Kichanga Lodge 34/40 Villa: outdoor verandah
  • Kichanga Lodge 35/40 Villa: bedroom
  • Kichanga Lodge 36/40 Villa: bedroom and mezzanine
  • Kichanga Lodge 37/40 Villa: bedroom
  • Kichanga Lodge 38/40 Villa: bathroom
  • Kichanga Lodge 39/40 ...
  • Kichanga Lodge 40/40 Low tide

Kichanga lodge is quite remotely located in Pingwe on the southeast coast of Zanzibar.

The lodge enjoys a virtually private white sandy beach and consists of 23 rooms set on a promontory. Out in front, there are 11 sea-view bungalows. 7 of them are independent units featuring a double bedroom with en-suite bathroom and a large private outdoor verandah while the remaining 4, although still offering an independent double bedrooms with en-suite, are interconnect through the verandah. They all can sleep just two people. Garden bungalows are set in the second row and also feature two independent en-suite double bedrooms and interconnecting verandah. Except some glimpes these bungalows have no sea-view. They can sleep up to three adults. Finally there are five larger bungalows, called villas, featuring a double bedroom on the ground floor and a queen size bed on the mezzanine as well as a family bungalow composed of a double bedroom a small twin bedroom and a shared bathroom. None of the rooms offer air-conditioning.

The lodge is complemented by a swimming-pool and a central makuti building hosting the bar and the restaurant.

In this area the beach tends to shrink a lot compared to places like Paje or Bwejuu. During low tide one can take some nice walks along the shore-line but at high tide the small bay of Kichanga lodge will be enclosed by the sea hence you will have to make sure you will be back before that occurs. Check the tide calendar before leaving.
Likewise the rest of the east coast also Pingwe is tidal but there is a beautiful natural lagoon about 150-200 meters from the beach with some water to bath even at low tide. Beware of coral ourcrops and sea urchins in the first stretch of sea and try to follow the natural path indicated by the lodge.

Activities offered include all cassical island tours as well as mountain biking and kayaking. Some decent dives can be aranged with a nearby diving centre.  

Kichanga lodge provides a mid level of service and it is suitable for travellers looking a rather basic and rustic setting.

Visa and matercard are accepted. Internet Wi-Fi is available at extra cost.

INDICATIVE RATES 2015 per night per person
From 20/12/14 to 06/01/15
USD 120
USD 99
USD 144
From 07/01 to 30/06
From 01/09 to 19/12
USD 84
USD 105
USD 129
From 01/07 to 31/08
From 20/12 to 06/01/16
USD 105
USD 126
USD 150
Rates include: breakfast, dinner, cake tea and coffee at 16.30 at the beach bar.

Rates do not include: tranfers between lodge and airport.

Full board supplement: USD 25
Christmas and new year eve supplement: USD 60
Third bed for children 0 - 5: free
Third bed for children 6 - 12: 50% discount
Third bed for adults USD 70 from 07/01 to 30/06 and from 01/09 to 19/12 - USD 95 from 01/07 to 31/08 and 20/12 to 06/01/16

Location: 7
Beach: 7
Staff: 8
Activities: 8
Architecture: 7
Food: 8
Cleanliness: 8
Value: 7