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Travelling along the Rift Valley: Isoitok Camp

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  • Isoitok Camp 1/24 Along the road from Arusha to Manyara
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  • Isoitok Camp 8/24 Accessing the boma of the mess tent
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  • Isoitok Camp 10/24 Alice at Isoitok Camp
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  • Isoitok Camp 13/24 Double tent
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  • Isoitok Camp 21/24 Safari shower-hose on the back of the tent
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This small tented camp is located at Manyara on a plot of land granted in concession by the Maasai people inhabiting the area. Maasai people are employed as night guards and to lead all excursions and activties nearby the camp such as boma visiting and walkings hence the camp is a good alternative if you are willing to learn more about the culture of this tribe.

Isoitok is a rustic yet pleasant camp with well-appointed tents delivering an average level of servicing. It consists of 4 deluxe and 2 rustic tents. Each of them features 2 twin beds or a double bed [deluxe tents can also have 3 beds since they are larger than the rustic], en suite bathroom with with running water in basin, flush loo and shower [hot water for the shower is supplied by the camp staff at the agreed time]. Electricity is provided by solar panels and accumulated into batteries for night supply however there are no sockets in the rooms and mobiles and video devices need to be charged at the bar.

The camp is complemented by the mess tent with distant view over the lake.

INDICATIVE RATES 2014 per night per person in double

Deluxe tent

$ 154 per night per person
Rustic tent $ 139 per night per person
Children up to 12 sharing with 1 or 2 adults 50% per night per person

Rates include: breakfast, lunch at lodge or packed, dinner. Beverages are not included.

Above rates do not include usd 10 per person levied by African Roots foundation which cooperates with the local community to improve the standard of living; other costs associated to the trip such as for instance park entry fees, land or air transfers, game drives and any discounts that may apply in relation to the duration of the safari or to the travel period which will be automatically applied to quotations submitted.