Rift Safari
Traveling along the Rift Valley: Ilkiding'a

Ilkidingapartenza, Ilkidinga

Ilkiding'a is a small village set along
the slopes of Mt. Meru and inhabited by the Waarusha masai people. It is certainly one of the most beautiful tour that can be done in Arusha as far as cultural tourism is concerned. Aboard your 4x4 vehicle you will cover a distance of about 20 minutes, the road then ends up and you will start walking amid small orchards, banana cultivation and vegetable gardens until you will reach the village set in a valley of unbeatable beauty overlooking the Masai Steppe and the Arusha Town below. You will visit some houses and workshops to understand the lifestyle of those people nowadays in transition between tradition and modernity. If you wish you can extend the walk to the gorge of the canyon where the river flows.

We recommend this excursions to families with children as well all to those of you wishing to interact with different realities.

Approx 4 - 5 hours
Physical training: normal