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Travelling along the Rift Valley: Stone Town

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Stone Town
is one of the most important historical cities of East Africa. It has been the capital of the Omani Sultanate of Zanzibar, a British administrative centre during colonial time and it is now the seat of institutions of the federal government of Zanzibar. Recently It has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO.
A visit to Stone Town can have opposite effects depending on the kind of visitor: for someone it is a city full of colour with a vibrant african atmosphere where to enjoy getting lost while walking in the maze of narrow streets, little squares and courtyard; for someone else it is a dirty, decadent, sloppy town which neither the citizens nor the institutions seem to care much about. It could also transmit a sense of insecurity especially to people not used to travel in sub-Saharan Africa.

In both cases only by visiting it you can have a snapshot of the people living in here and understand where you have arrived.
The best way to do it is to hire one of the many young guys offering to be your guide. This way no body will bother you and you avoid to get really lost.

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