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Travelling along the Rift Valley: Archipelago of Mafia
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Unlike Zanzibar, Pemba Island is very much a forgotten island and is not a common destination for tourists

Turism here has not really developed into something serious and local authorities are very reluctant to surrender land which explains why you can find on the island only two high standard facilities, one ecolodge and a small basic resort managed by divers.

There's in Pemba only one paved road which partially connect the northern and the southern side of the island to its capital, Chake Chake. All others are dirty roads fringed by local villages. Not only accommodation options are very limited but also possibilities to have lunch or dinner out and that explains why all extisting facilities only offer only all-inclusive or full board options.

Like Stone Stone in Zanzibar, also Chake Chake reminds us of the Omani colonization. Even if buildings have fallen into a decadent state, the colourful market, the maze of alleyways and narrow streets can no doubt give a real snapshot of the island and its inhabitants. Unfortunatly there are neither recommended facilities in town nor beautiful beaches nearby.

The deep Pemba channel rises dramatically towards the island’s west coast in near-vertical walls along many of the reefs. For experienced divers this is a real paradise home to big pelagic fish.

The little islands and among them the precious reserve of Misali Island offer a superb snorkeling with a proliferation of hard and soft coral gardens, gorgonians and giant sponges supporting a huge variety of reef fish and nudibranchs.

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