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Travelling along the Rift Valley: Pros and cons of Mafia Island

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If Zanzibar has lost in recent years that feeling of frontier territory the same has not happened yet for Mafia.

When walking around people in Mafia is still very friendly but also uninterested, they will smile at you but let you go without pressure to buy, to go or to do something for them. That is possible because the number of travellers landing in Mafia is nothing compared to the number of travellers landing in Zanzibar. All together lodges of Mafia have got more or less the same hosting capacity of a large facility in Zanzibar. As a consequence you will hardly find other tourists walking along most of Mafia's beaches apart from those staying at your same lodge and that is particularly true if you stay at any of the facilities remotely located along the west coast [Butiama Beach; Ras Mbisi; La Lua Cheia].

Unfortunately Mafia Island does not have beaches as beautiful as those ones of Zanzibar and the best ones are all located on the western side of the island while the marine park is located on the eastern side so if you decide to stay inside the marine park then you shouldn't focus on the beach itself but rather think of an active sea holiday: diving, snorkelling, exploring, watching turtles hatching, sailing to the sandbanks where you will find the same crystalline blue and emerald water and powdery white sand that Zanzibar has.

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