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Coverage for urgent medical evacuation is a first air aid.
Thanks to the presence of personnel and equipment in the area, on alert 24 hours on 24, in the event accidents it is provided an emergency transportation by land and air [aircraft or helicopter equipped for emergency care] from the place of the accident until nearest competent hospital [Nairobi or Dar Es Salaam].
It also provides a guarantee of immediate acceptance of the patient to the hospital by anticipating the costs of the first day of admission [up to a maximum of U.S. $ 500] pending activation by the insurance policy and medical assistance made before the departure by the insured.
The urgent medical evacuation cover does not replace in any way the insurance against medical expenses and represent indeed a completion of the latter designed to fill the gaps.

Tanzania and Zanzibar

- Persons biologically or chemically contaminated, however caused or from contamination caused by nuclear fusion, ionizing or by radioactivity from nuclear fuel or waste.
- Persone with injuries arising sustained whilst engaging in a criminal or unlawful act.
- Persons who have an infectuos disease at the time enrollment to the urgent evacuation cover.
- Persons who are in a on an organ transplant list prior to enrollment to the urgent evacuation cover.
- Persons with mild lesions , simple injuries [i.e. sprains, simple fractures, mild illnesses] which are able to be treated locally.
- Pregnant women past the second trimester of pregnancy.
- Extreme and professional sports and wilful exposure to needless danger: will not be covered members who engage in any professional sport activity, or any sport or activity reasonably covered by the urgent medical evacuation as being of a dangerous nature without limiting the generality thereof including, but not limited to, parachuting, gliding, paragliding, while-water rafting, canoeing, underwater diving including the use of any artificial breathing apparatus unless the member holds an internationally recognized diving certification and is diving with another verified diver or the member is with a certified diving professional and they are diving within the international diving limits [i.e. not deeper than 35 mt] below surface; hand gliding or bungee jumping,; or any occupèation reasonably considered by being of dangerous nature, without limiting the generality thereof, including, but not limited to mining, construction and security unless previously disclosed and accepted.
- Persons with impatient psychiatric disorder.
- No search operations are covered if a member is lost in any area on land or sea.
- Persons who have self-inflicted injuries or who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
- No costs will be paid for relating to any travel costs, including air fares and hotel accomodation for companions. neither are the costs of food, lodging or transportation of a companion who is carring for the member whilst being avacuated or in hospital. Only at the pilot's discretion will a companion be allowed to travel with the patient.
- Evacuation for any conditions arising directly or indirectly from or as a consequence of riots, strike or civil commotion. civil war, rebellion, revolution, isurrection or military or usurped power, any declared or undeclared war or the like , invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities or war-like operations [declared or not] and act of terrorism committed by a person acting on behalf of or in connection with any organization.
- Persons deceased prior to the start f the evacuation unless upon instructions of the client's travel insurance which should include repatriation of mortal remains.