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Travelling along the Rift Valley: Chole Mjini

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  • Chole Mjini 1/42 Sailing towards Chole
  • Chole Mjini 2/42 Chole Island villagers coming back
  • Chole Mjini 3/42 ...
  • Chole Mjini 4/42 our boat ...
  • Chole Mjini 5/42 Towards Chole Mjini
  • Chole Mjini 6/42 Ancient ruins ...
  • Chole Mjini 7/42 ...
  • Chole Mjini 8/42 A treehouse
  • Chole Mjini 9/42 ...
  • Chole Mjini 10/42 Another treehouse
  • Chole Mjini 11/42 Wooden stairs to the bedroom
  • Chole Mjini 12/42 The bedroom
  • Chole Mjini 13/42 The bedroom
  • Chole Mjini 14/42 Looking back ...
  • Chole Mjini 15/42 Ladders to the turret
  • Chole Mjini 16/42 Over view from the turret
  • Chole Mjini 17/42 Sofa o the turret
  • Chole Mjini 18/42 A look to the stilt-house from ground
  • Chole Mjini 19/42 Another treehouse
  • Chole Mjini 20/42 Mosaic at the ladders base
  • Chole Mjini 21/42 Wooden stairs to the bedroom
  • Chole Mjini 22/42 The bedroom
  • Chole Mjini 23/42 Seaview
  • Chole Mjini 24/42 Seaview
  • Chole Mjini 25/42 The bedroom
  • Chole Mjini 26/42 The bedroom
  • Chole Mjini 27/42 Eco-shower
  • Chole Mjini 28/42 Bathroom
  • Chole Mjini 29/42 Eco-wc
  • Chole Mjini 30/42 Open-air shower and composting toilet area
  • Chole Mjini 31/42 Restaurant and lounge
  • Chole Mjini 32/42 Restaurant and lounge
  • Chole Mjini 33/42 Restaurant and lounge
  • Chole Mjini 34/42 Restaurant and lounge
  • Chole Mjini 35/42 Restaurant and lounge
  • Chole Mjini 36/42 Restaurant and lounge
  • Chole Mjini 37/42 Restaurant and lounge
  • Chole Mjini 38/42 Restaurant and lounge
  • Chole Mjini 39/42 Restaurant and lounge
  • Chole Mjini 40/42 Dining table in front of the makuti restaurant
  • Chole Mjini 41/42 Dining amid the ancient ruins
  • Chole Mjini 42/42 Dining amid the ancient ruins
  • Chole Mjini 32/32 The dhow for sailing excursions

Chole Mjini is a little authentic eco-resort located in Chole Island, archipelago of Mafia.

Out of all the facilities on the island, Chole Mjini  is certainly the most original and unconventional one, an ideal place for genuine outdoorsy travellers ready to compromise in order to enjoy the diversity of our wounderful world. The lodge consists of seven treehouses scattered among some huge baobab trees and ancient ruins, perhaps Shiraz. Stairs to houses are steep and all their sides are open [we would recommend to have a look to Mafia geography page for information on the weather and on seasonal winds], WC and shower are not en-suite but located on the ground floor as the above slide-show shows.

The main focus is on boat excursions, daily exploring the islands of the archipelago, diving, snorkeling, swimming with whale sharks, relaxing on a remote beach [the lodge has no beach] and if you are lucky and if the period coincides witnessing turtles eggs hatching or migratory whales.

The facility is complemented by the restaurant and the bar.

Diving is normally arranged with Mafia Island Diving [the diving centre at Mafia Island Lodge] but if you are looking for something really special then Jean and Anne themselves could guide you underwater and tailor your dives. They are both biologists, PADI Dive Master [Jean also Master SCUBA Diver Trainer] with a great knowledge of all dive sites of Mafia. Anne is also passionate about nudibranchs and underwater macro photography.

If dives are the main reason of this trip, remember that between June and August the strong southern monsoon wind might not allow you to sail outside the bay. Should you wish to dive during these month we would rather suggest to stay in Pemba island which west-coast, more shielded, offers some excellent diving sites or alternatively in Zanzibar [for further info refer to diving Pemba and diving Zanzibar].

INDICATIVE RATES 2015 per night per person sharing
From 08/01 to 19/12 $ 251.5
From 20/12 to 07/01/2015 $ 347.5
Kids 3 - 4 sharing with 1 or 2 adults free
Kids 5 - 15 sharing with 1 or 2 adults 50% of the adults rate
Special offer: every 6 night stay one night for free

Rates include: food, drinking water, daily Chole Bay sailing excursion to snorkel, sandbank or sunset cruise, laundry, road/boat transfers between airport and Chole Mjini Lodge [approx. 45 min road / 10 min boat], Tourism Development levy USD 1.50 per bed night, Chole village levy USD 10 per adult per 24 night.

Rates exclude: Mafia Island Marine Park fees: USD 20 per adult / USD 10 per child aged 5 to 15 inclusive per 24 hours to be paid cash upon arrival at the park entrance gate; rental of SCUBA equipment, motorized activities such as SCUBA diving, whale shark excursions, fishing, turtle hatchings, and excursions to other islands.

Location: 8
Beach: N/D
Staff: 8
Activities: 9
Architecture: 8
Food: 8
Cleanliness: 8
Value: 8