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Travelling along the Rift Valley: Bologonja Under Canvas

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Bologonja Under Canvas is a small mobile tented camp.

The camp is located in Bologonja, in north-eastern Serengeti, about two hours game driving from the Mara River. Between July and August and again between October and November it is ideally located along the wildebeest migratory rut even if, since this is just a transit zone, it is extremely difficult to predict when exactly herds will pass by and how long they will be lingering around. However if you are on a overland safari, Bologonja can strategically be used as an interesting stop-over between Mara region and central Serengeti. The area is characterized by natural springs and acacia groves and it is a good spot to sight herds of elephants, buffaloes and eland. Along the way rhinos, between the Mara River and Bologonja, you might also sight rhinos.

The camp offers a upper-mid level of service and consists of 10 tents. Each tent has 2 twin beds that can be combined to become a double bed [triples can be arranged on request], en-suite bathroom with running water in basin, flush loo, while hot water for the shower is supplied morning and evening at the time agreed with the camp staff. Electricity is provided by solar panels and accumulated into batteries for night supply however there are no sockets in the rooms and mobiles and video devices need to be charged at the mess tent.

Electricity at the mess tent and in the lounge is provided by generator. The camp is complemented by the unfailing campfire.

Bologonja Under Canvas also accepts children under 6 years. Remember that no camp is fenced so children should be accompanied by an adult at all time.

INDICATIVE RATES 2015 per night per person
from 01/06 to 30/11 $ 410 per night per person
Children below 3 years Free of charge
Children 3 - 12 sharing with 1 or 2 adults 50% of the adult rate

Children below 12 should always share the room with an adult.

Rates include: 3 meals a day, camping fee usd 50 per person per 24 Hr.

Above rates do not include other costs associated to the trip such as for instance park entry fees, land or air transfers, game drives and any discounts that may apply in relation to the duration of the safari or to the travel period which will be automatically applied to quotations submitted.